NJSIAA Registration 2023-24 Info

To: All NJSIAA Officials
From: Tony Maselli, Assistant Director
Date: April 1, 2023
Re: 2023-2024 Officials Registration Information

2023-2024 Officials Registration
Officials' registration for all sports will open on April 15th, 2023, and close on March 31st, 2024 for the
2023-2024 school year. Please keep in mind, that the chapter you belong to may have set deadlines
for you to register by.
Registered Official
1. A registered official is any official that has completed the registration process with the NJSIAA but
has not completed the eligibility process.
2. A registered official can be assigned by any NJSIAA approved assignor but cannot work any
regular season or tournament contests until they have successfully completed all eligibility
3. All registered officials are covered by the NFHS Liability Insurance.
4. Registered officials that have not completed all the eligibility requirements will receive a warning
notification one week prior to that sports first NJSIAA scrimmage date.
5. Registered officials will be removed from all assignments if they have not successfully completed
all the eligibility requirements one week prior to that sports opening day.
Active Official
1. An active official is any official that has completed the registration process with the NJSIAA and
cleared all eligibility requirements.
2. Active officials are eligible for all levels of contests by the NJSIAA.
3. Each chapter will determine the readiness of each of its officials.
Officials Eligibility Requirements
1. Pass the background check
2. Take the concussion course
3. Pass the NFHS part I test with an 80% or higher
4. Be in good standing with your chapters
5. All eligibility requirements will expire on June 30th of each year. Please do not take the NFHS
Concussion course until July 1 or later of each year.
Account Profile (On the NJSIAA website)
1. This is a one-time process (not yearly) that must be completed before you can register.
2. If you registered for sports last year, then you already have an account.
3. If you have an account already, then you are set to register for your sports.
4. When you create your account, you must use the email address that you use for ZebraWeb.

Registration Steps:
1. Make sure you have an account profile (See above).
2. Make sure you are signed in on the NJSIAA website.
3. Follow the registration instructions on our website under the “Officials” menu.
4. Consent to the background check and the general release clause
5. Pay appropriate registration and background check fees
Registration Fees (2023-2024)
First Sport = $65
• Registration = $55
• Background Check = $10
Each Additional Sport = $35
• Registration = $35
• Background Check = $0
Late Registrations Fee (After March 31) = $10
1. All ZebraWeb accounts will be frozen on June 30th until you register again for each sport.
Cadet Programs
1. All chapters that have cadet programs that do not permit their cadets to officiate at any level (V,
JV, SO, Fr) may instruct their cadets that they do not have to register with the NJSIAA as long as
they follow the procedures below:
a. The cadet is not permitted to officiate at any NJSIAA level
b. The cadet must always shadow an active official
c. The cadet must never be left alone to make an “on-field” call or decision
d. The chapter will take full responsibility regarding the cadent
2. All chapters with cadet programs that require their cadets to officiate sub-varsity games as part of
their cadet program must have the cadets register and become active officials with the NJSIAA.